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Onheil – Storm is Coming

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You wouldn’t say Onheil from The Netherlands already exists for 15 years. Certainly not if you consider this is only their second full-length in those 15 years. On the other hand, who says it’s a good thing to release an album every 1,5 years. To be honest, after releasing “Razor” 5 years ago, I have forgotten Onheil entirely. Not because “Razor” was a bad album, not at all, but it didn’t stand out either. I don’t think this will happen with “Storm is Coming”, cause this is one hell of an enjoyable album. Onheil manages to merge several influences and styles which I still enjoy till this very day. They play mid 1990s Swedish/Finnish Melodic Black Metal – mid 1990s Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal – Death/Thrash – Iron Maiden-esque tunes and you will hear references of early Naglfar, In Flames, Gates of Ishtar, The Moaning, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquility, The Crown (listen to the track “Self-Destruction Mode) and Raise Hell (their “Holy Target” album). All this with twin leads and a huge melodic approach to finish it off. Of course you will hear nothing new, but a blend done this well, deserves to be noticed. (Ricardo)