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Conceived by Hate – Putrid Realms of the Occult

conceived by hate – putrid realms of the occult

“Putrid Realms of the Occult” by Conceived by Hate definitely delivers as much as its sick name. From sunny El Salvador this record carries the putrid spirit of the old school Death Metal realms. It has all – the groove, madness, hate, sick artwork and obscure song names.

The sound in this record is raw and alive. Predominantly death metal, it integrates elements of Black, Thrash and Doom metal sub-genres for that extra kick. The rhythm alternates between slow and rapid in each track, creating unique combinations of the groove and energy that are easy to get into. Kvlt vocals throughout – possessive growls with much dynamics and power. Gnarly fuzzed guitars, rhythmic and tight, vibe amazingly with the vibrant and facemelting drums.

Every track tells a morbid story, and a few to point out are: “Drowned in Tomb Mold” – saturated with the sweet agony of a torturous existence; “Into Cemetery Fog” – a tune that pours down onto the gloomy headstones awakening the dead with its diabolical groove; “En las aguasdel súcubo” – bone chilling and suspenseful, it unravels gradually as it traps your soul into a ghastly trance.

“Putrid Realms of the Occult” is a solid death metal record with very enjoyable tracks that spark imagination. Definitely recommended to the seekers of the old school Death Metal vibe, and everyone else looking for the quality headbanging soundtrack. (Jamseeker)