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Narvik – Thghtlss Lght [EP]

narvik – thghtlss lght [ep]

Don’t know why, but this EP went a bit under my radar last year which is a shame because Narvik, or NRVK, deliver 25 minutes of finest Black Metal made in Germany.

“Thghtlss Lght” is their 8th release in 12 years (2 demos, 2 full lengths, 3 EPs, 1 Box set, compilation appearance not included), and very 90s and early 2000s inspired orthodox Black Metal, full of mysticism and luciferian energy in search of what lies beyond the veil of existence.

Narvik have a very warm and crisp sound which enhances the very atmospheric, sinister songs which are full of details, be it the ride/hi-hat pattern, the guitar riffs and leads with standalone basslines or the vocals which differ in pitch and seem to be chosen accurate and placed where they belong.

This is music to dive deep in and let yourself go. It has some Abigor, Acherontas, Inferno and Ascension moments but remains indivual and focuses clearly on the atmospheric part of the spectrum. “ Into The Patterns Of Ajna ” is my favorite track here. Multi-layered guitarwork that creates an aura of darkness and majesty and thanks to some beautiful incorporated leads it creates an emotional, somehow beauty meets beast moment, the beast attacking especially around the mid part of the song with a more dissonant and aggressive attitude underlined through the blast sections of the drum and the obsessed vocals. Afterwards some real “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ” moments appear and increase the frost factor of the song before some ambient sounds conclude the track in a magical and proper way.

Really enjoyed this one and makes me crave for more. Can’t wait for the next record. Recommend to check this out ! (DPF)