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Sinmara – Hvisl Stjarnanna

sinmara – hvisl stjarnanna

In Norse mythology Sinmara, who is only mentioned twice in written form, is the entity guarding a legendary  weapon awarded to those who bring her a tail feather of a rooster sitting at the top of the world tree. Since there is very little actually known about her, there have been many ideas about what her role is – she had been described as a pale giantess, mother of ghosts and a nightmare herself. Does this have to do anything with the sound of the band that bears the same name?

Sinmara, an Icelandic band who carry the name of the aforementioned entity, have just returned with their sophmore full length, “Hvisl stjarnanna” (Whispering stars). And for some reason (to me at least) the one and the other entity bearing the name Sinmara, have a lot in common. The band itself crafts a very specific somber atmosphere and paints a vast soundscape which carries the listener through hypnotic instumentation and into the dark void.

This album is more melodic than their debut, but don’t let that fool you. It’s murky, dark, even somber at times and it builds an unsettling atmosphere so typical for Icelandic bands. (Black Mary)