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Almyrkvi – Umbra

almyrkvi – umbra

A year has passed since the promising EP „Pupil of the Searing Maelstrom“ came out which already put Almyrkvi on the map as one of the upcoming bands from Iceland. What you get is perfectly recorded atmospheric black metal with a look in the future of the genre of how black metal could evolve . Great deep grunting vocals morphing into haunting clean passages, very versatile drumming and a sort of Bölzerish guitar vibe here and there without the need to copy the band. Icelandic frost and darkness included. This could be the morphosis of Schammash and Bölzer adding a hint of newer Blaze of Perdition. Everyone at the instruments knows his duties. Don`t forget the Evil Dead like horror ambient parts. Dark ambient at its best. Definitely one of the best releases in 2017. Iceland rules. (DPF)