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Goath – III – Shaped By The Unlight

goath – iii – shaped by the unlight


One of Germany’s best extreme metal acts are back with their 3rd spawn of malevolence called “III-Shaped By The Unlight” released through Van Records. First, they are still a trio, but Muerte is no longer part of Goath, the new bassman and 2nd vocalist is called Nils Fjandannson and does pretty well on his debut with Goath. Now the details (or not).

Something that both predecessor had and keeps going on the 3rd record as well ist he variation on the entire album, something which I really like in Goath and has been expanded even further. The band incorporates more Black Metal riffing, drumming and vibes in general, making this record a killer combination of both, giving them the lead without ignoring other elements like Thrash or even Heavy Metal into the extreme sound! The vocals got more variation than ever, low grunts, high pitched shrieks or even Inquisition like entrancing frog-vocals or almost clean proclamations (Akercocke had similar stuff, really great).

Riffwise, there are songs which combine so many great elements that sometimes it’s quite hard to get everything at the first listen (Morbid Angel-chaos, Deicide-muscular gunshots, Marduk’s “Panzer Division Marduk” all in one) which I don’t consider a bad thing at all, you will have to take your time and that is the way to go! The band is not just about pure holocaust at once, they know when atmosphere is required, like in “Dissolving Flesh Redemption” or “Smoltification” to name some examples. Black Metal-Blast Fest, palm muted staccato riffing the trashy way and slow motion Death Metal greatness? Yes, they got it all, like in “Clitless Loyalty”, entrancing vocals at the end included.

As mentioned earlier, this record, like all Goath records, has a lot to offer, and everything makes sense. Each member show killer skills on their instruments and the vocal department has a wide range of possibilities to share what makes the entire record even more impressive. “ Perception ” is Heavy-Black-Thrash induced Death Metal monster of the groovy, bangy side of the spectrum, showing exactly this, the ability to create some interested extreme Metal without boundaries, being fresh while still being true to its core elements.  And If you think everything has been shaped by the unlight, the guys deliver their most epic and atmospheric track right at the end with “Impregnated With Black Fire ”, a cold, melancholic, slow paced starting march of the burning fire, unstoppable, everlasting before the ride to the battle increases the pace, always bangable, always keeping the atmosphere (listen to the vocals) and then morphs into the heavy, doomy last third of the track, with the most desperate and emotional vocals on the record (amazing performance) and a eye-opening guitarsolo that couldn’t be placed and written better!

Mastered by Patrick W. Engel, with an artwork once again by Misanthropic-Arts, “III-Shaped By The Unlight” is exactly what a new record by an artist should be : True to the roots, fresh, creative and for this kind of Metal, brutal, dark and beautiful at the same time. Highlight!


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