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Nekrovault – Nachhut: Toward the Towering Tomb [EP]

nekrovault – nachhut: toward the towering tomb [ep]


Gloomy German Death Metal quartet Nekrovault unleashed a cavernous sounding EP in November of 2021 entitled ‘Nachhut: Toward the Towering Tomb’. Released through fellow German label Ván Records on CD, (And later in 2022 on a glorious looking LP) the EP is the bands follow up to their savage debut full length ‘Totenzug: Festering Peregrination’, and comes adorned with suitably grim cover art created once more by Misanthropic Art. The EP consists of just the two tracks, namely the evocative sounding ‘Where the Fog Entombed the Light’ and ‘Black Hole Grave Millstone’. The former track opens up devilishly slowly with a suspicious, harrowing aura to it. Chugging nocturnal sounding riffs build steadily and are joined by the incessant rumbling of bowel clenching drum tones and bass play, and serpentine, secretive growls complete the dangerous, crawling sound.

As the opening track expands the colossal noise from behind the kit grows in intensity until it has developed into a ravenous, methodically brutal beast. So too the vocal work expands and progresses; incorporating into its labyrinthine power a more roaring growl and anguished wails. However, the real constant here is the predatory sound from the guitars which cast a deathly pall over the world and suck everything in underneath their murky atmosphere. Just when the monolithic oppressive gloom has fully taken hold, Nekrovault flip a switch and suddenly they explode into harrowing, vicious and aggressive barbarity whilst cold, lurking guitar melodies rise high into the bleak skies, only to crash back down with a sudden finality.

Closing track ‘Black Hole Grave Millstone’ loses none of the raw ferocity of the opener, nor any of its malicious, sadistic intent. If anything, the deeply predatory sound increases in intensity, though the infusion of bass groove in this track is most welcome. ‘Nachhut: Toward the Towering Tomb ‘ is an impressively malevolent EP, a bleak signal of intent of what is yet to come from this precise yet feral German band.

Ván Records

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