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Golod – …To Be Lost And Forgotten, In Solitude [EP]

golod – …to be lost and forgotten, in solitude [ep]


‘…To Be Lost And Forgotten, In Solitude’ is the debut EP by this Canadian one-man act that was released upon mankind by Ván Records. And whether we should be happy with that is something completely different. The title of the EP already suggests something not much in line with anything life loving.

In fact, the music on this 30-minute EP is perfectly fitting to its title. The first song, ‘The Lone Spirit’, is clocking in over 15 minutes and starts off with a haunting piano intro with some howling wind samples after which it blends into a very hypnotic and repetitive riff. The tormented vocals, crude guitar sound and basic drums gives it a trance inducing atmosphere in which there, indeed, is no space for any sunshine. Because of it length, there is enough room to sneak in different themes every now and then. When having heard the song a couple of times you will keep finding new details and elements that you just didn’t notice within the first spins. That makes this a very intriguing tracks. Those hidden dynamics prevents the song from getting all too monotonous, it might require a bit of patience and determination but that will definitely pay off. After that epic opener there is this buzzing instrumental intermezzo which is comprised of a sad ambient soundscape that perfectly bridges to the raw ‘The Boreal Winds’. A pounding low-fi Black Metal track that has quite a gritty sound and distorted vocals (grunts even). The closing ‘The Mind’s Vessel’ is an equally sad acoustic song; if you had any happy thoughts left, they have been shattered for good with this one.

Don’t let any discussions about Golod fool you, if someone claims that this is “not metal enough”, they haven’t heard it properly. For God’s sake, the darkness, desolation and hopelessness is as thick as butter here. Anyway, who cares for such ignorance anyway, instead, give this ‘…To Be Lost And Forgotten, In Solitude’ (which is a pretty a-typical Ván Records release) a good try.


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