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Svartidauði – Revelations of the Red Sword

svartidauði – revelations of the red sword

From the northern shores they commeth. Icelandic black metal masters Svartidauði are back with a very strong output just to set that right from the beginning. Their utterly dissonant sound in combination with some melodic leads and twists carried by a technical/progressive rhythm section is more than brilliant and should be listened by every extreme metal fan out there. The vocals are enchanting and disturbing simultaneously and spit fire right from the solar circumference, just to take a short mention about the lyrical topic here which I won’t go deeper through it since I don`t have any lyrics yet. A monstrous carpet of open string chords overlaid by mind twisting and captivating leads.

The rhythm section I mentioned at the beginning is changing face and aspect almost the whole time, going from straight(er) beats to chameleon like tribal drumming and basslines which are by far more than average. There are tons of details on every instrument, each song to be discovered. There are some strong memorable parts in here but also some hard to devour passages you won’t capture at a first listen. This is not for those who wish sing along tracks or just something for a quick listen. This album, or better band is meant to be listened in its entirety.

You will need more and more spins to be able to dig deep into the solar mysteries of Svartidauði and to finally enflame the light in the dark, but it will be worth the trip If you do. Great production at studio Emissaries by Stephen Lockart once again. Fans of Deathspell Omega, Sinmara and the likes should grab this immediately when it`s out. (DPF)