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Duivel – Heiligschennis [EP]

duivel – heiligschennis [ep]


Duivel (Dutch word for “Devil”) return from the pit with an EP, 3 years after their notorious, provocative and mindblowing debut ‘Tirades Uit De Hel’.

Awaiting even more nefarious things to come, ‘Heiligschennis’ (Sacrilege) is an appetizer to satiate the hunger of their evergrowing legions that wander this cursed earth.

The EP starts with “Lijkenkar” (chariot of corpses) an eerie intro invoking the period of the black death pandemic – when people were dropping like flies and the remains were collected in the streets for mass burial. All hell breaks loose with ‘Gedoemd tot Dolen’ (doomed to wander), followed by the aptedly title ‘Satánas’. All the ingredients are present: blastbeat drums, a landslide of brutal guitars filled with distortion, feedback and shredding leads and the subtle keyboard effects as well as the raw tormented vocals full of spite, morbidity and hellish doctrines. The lyrics. The lyrics are in Dutch – you have to read them in order to believe what they actually mean. They do add a suitable medieval atmosphere to this EP.

Whether they are in Dutch or any other language, these grisly grim vocals and vocal acrobatics are superb!

‘Onanerend voor Zwaveltroon’ (masturbating before the throne of Sulphur is the first highlight (sic), a song full of variation and unholy rancid screams. ‘Heksenkut’ (witches’ snatch) is a mindblowing prophecy about a witch impregnated by the Horned One and delivering his offspring, the antichrist. One of the best songs they ever made.

The EP ends with the bleak outro ‘Kerkrot’ (churchrot).

There’s even more variation in the songs. And its solid production is more detailed and crystal clear. Duivel have entered the circle of bands such as Fluisterwoud, Haatstrijd, Unlord and Funeral Winds – all cult bands from the Dutch Black Metal.

‘Heiligschennis’ is nothing short of being a masterpiece, to be added to your satanic collection of nasties. May another album follow soon!


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