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Excarnated Entity – Stillborn in Ash [Demo]

excarnated entity – stillborn in ash [demo]


Seattle, the very name of the place just gives me images of second hand flannel wearing, ripped jeans dudes and dudettes walking the streets with unwashed hair on their way to either score their next heroin hit then go and throw down some more delightful grunge tunes with their pals with which to bore us all to death, that’s if they don’t die first from the hit.. Ha-ha, nah don’t get me wrong, some of it was pretty good considering a lot of the Metal scene had died in the arse so to speak, and a lot of it has most certainly outlived the people that made it! But enough of such talk, for today we are to discuss a band from the area that is right up my alley, that being Death/Doom street thank you very much.

Excarnated Entity do indeed come from seattle, and from that area they most definitely put the ‘F’ into “Fucking Heavy as, well, all fuck!” Four gargantuan tracks of frighteningly fat and fabulous Death/Doom for your total fulfillment if a fan of this type of fantasticness. Favourites? Well, no, not even going to bother with that sort of foolishness, four tracks for fucks sake, easily digested, and each and every one fitting perfectly into flow with the next. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the feverish, or the fickle, just flat out finery on offer folks.

In all seriousness, this is as solid as a demo can be. From “Sunken Form” with it’s blazing lead work and crushing riffs, we then move onto “Perverse Zealotry”, a song as about as Doomy as one can get, all gargantuan tone and menace with a healthy dose of blast beats to mix it up a little, truly epic stuff. Title track “Stillborn in Ash” begins as a very morose number, moving along at a prehistoric behemoth snail’s pace before these lads bring on the punishment, all hatred and malevolence on full display for all to hear, switching gears at will to remind us that this is without a doubt a combination of both genres mentioned, each getting it’s fair share of representation. “Split Visage” brings it all to a momentous shuddering halt. Flailing drums, gargling foul vocals and oh so thick and mighty riffs from guitar and bass putting their final stamp onto your by now well beaten corpse. Magnificent stuff.

For a demo this is perfect if this is your kind of thing, and I can only hope they are furiously writing away as we speak for a full length, I have no doubt when they get around to releasing one it will raise more than a little interest, they certainly have my full attention! Cheers to you Excarnated Entity! Now I’m finished, I shall fuck right off! (The Great Mackintosh)

Excarnated Entity

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