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Vomitile – Pure Eternal Hate

vomitile – pure eternal hate

From the military themed cover I was expected something along the lines of Bolt Thrower or Jungle Rot and I was pretty much right on the money. Vomitile play a memorable style of Death Metal that adds groove and Thrash elements to really pound home their simple riffs and memorable vocal roars. It sounds a lot like Jungle Rot but kicks ass nonetheless. The songs tend to switch back and forth between a thrash tempo and groove sections with the odd blast beat thrown in for good measure. It’s all very energetic and well written. The vocal patterns really help to keep things memorable and each song has a chorus that will stick in your head long after the album has stopped spinning. Some excellent guitar leads are also utilized that bring to mind vintage Slayer to my ears. “Labeled Dead” to me is the standout track. It’s rapid fire and catchy as all hell. It might not throw any surprises at you but will rattle your jaw nonetheless when it hits you. If you are a fan of Jungle Rot or Bolt Thrower you will definitely want to check this out one. (MikeH)