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Pannychida – Missense Mutation

pannychida – missense mutation

What we have here is a seasoned Death Metal band which formed way back in 1992 in Russia. These guys know whats up and have a good sense of what good Death Metal should sound like. From break neck blasting speeds to slow groovy riffs all executed perfectly. What I love most about the production here is the bass which shines through in important parts and doesn’t overstay its welcome in parts where it is not necessary to be so audible.

From beginning to end you are served very well thought out riffs and arrangements. I love when bands throw in little bass guitar runs and this fits this album so well. The vocalist fits this band like a glove. A perfect marriage of great vocals and brutal, and sometimes quite technical music.  You can hear the band has been around for so long. Newer bands struggle to find their place and need nurturing before finding their sound. These guys have perfected their sound and its magnificent.

Russia isn’t really known for producing many great bands, but Pannychida will make a new effort for me to delve deeper into the Russian scene.  The album starts off with the title track and you can hear the bands presentation of what is to come in just the first few moments. Track number 5 titled “Trapped” starts off with a short acoustic riff and then breaks into one of the best tracks I have heard in quite some time.

This is a great album and I am very happy it landed on my desk. I am a very picky guy when it comes to Death Metal and this album excites me. I will definitely be diving into their discography right now. (Pazuzu)