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God Disease – Hymns For Human Extinction [EP]

god disease – hymns for human extinction [ep]

God Disease is a Finnish Death Metal band hailing from Helsinki and they enjoy to play their metal slow. Very slow. After a spoken word in Finnish -to bad my comprehension of the Finnish language isn’t on point- the band bursts open into “Dawn of the Dying Breed”, a colossal Death Metal monolith founded on a granite rhythm section, supporting the melodic leads which are soaked in black melancholy. Vocalist Laaksonen enjoys a pint of unclogger before taking the mic and barfing up his vokills…fuck, he sounds like he’s gargling up his intestines.

“Mental plague” is the shortest slap to your face clocking out just under four minutes. Don’t expect a short sharp shock, it’s slow, depressive and has a massive groove buried in it like molten lava steadily searching its way down the volcano. “Invocations to reach serenity” is the most melancholic and longest track of this EP without losing its aggressiveness and raw power, carrying you away into desolate landscapes, bleak warzones, nuclear wastelands leaving you dazed and confused.

God Disease plays its old school Death Metal with determination and savagery without using any blast beat, speedy riffs or pushing the tempo up, they do not need twenty minutes a song, seven minutes will do just fine. Straight to the point, very effective.

A big round of applause ladies and gentlewomen for the production, finished to perfection, heavy and clearly defined, if gravity would have a sound it would sound like God Disease. A force of nature. (Franki_boj)