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God Disease – Doom Howler/Abyss Cathedral

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When it comes to doomy cryptic sound textures, Finland has to be the one of those required references…this cold country has left a very deep trace in these fields…and the band I’m about review confirms this…God Disease and their recent “Doom Howler/Abyss Cathedral” CD which is a compilation of their previews two Eps released in 2014 and 2015 respectively. This is Doom Death at its best!!!… with heavy sound rythm guitars and morbid gutural vocals, God Disease manages to create one of the creepiest atmospheres…the lead guitar work is simply amazing adding some melancholic obscurity to their sound…and not to forget the bass sound that helps adding more heaviness to their abomination. If I would need to do any comparisson…probably I’d dare to say these folks are like a darker version of Krypts but with more melody and remaking the the whole atmosphere. This release is about 46 mins long encapsulated in 10 songs, one of them, I must say, an unnecessary Entombed’s cover of “Supposed to Rot”…unnecessary because it steps aside the overall trend of the rest of the songs…anyway…it is very well performed so no worry about it either. Necromance and Abyss Cathedral are my favorite songs for sure, here is where you can feel the band at its highest performance in terms of composition and performance…both songs give you the experience of getting drown in a swamp of blackness. There are some faster songs like the second one Maggots where these guys speed up a bit and damn it…they do it quite well…so…maybe I’m being a bit bias here…because I’ve always been a huge fan of Finnish bands…but what the hell…this is a really killer band…if you’re fan of Demigod, Stench of Decay, Swallowed or as I said…Krypts…you definetely need to check these guys out. This CD is available through the band’s Facebook, the label and a couple of more Distros…my recomendation for you would be to go right away and get your lousy copy NOW!!!…this is one of the emerging promises comming out from Finland and hope to hear a full lenght album soon…in the meantime…let your sould be devoured in this sepuchral swamp. (Master Butcher)

South from Here Records

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