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Nordwitch – Mørk profeti

nordwitch – mørk profeti

“Mørk profeti”, which seems to be “Dark Prophecy” or “Dark Prophets” in both the Danish and Norwegian language, is the debut album of Nordwitch. And what they are offering? Blackened Death Metal. But not like Dissection or Thulcandra, these guys and girl are more shopping in the boutique of Belphegor with some Vader/Behemoth rhythm section and occasional Arch Enemy guitar lines. But as said, it is occasional and doesn’t turn this album in a melodic Death Metal album. I do hear some interesting parts within the songs, but the songs as a whole don’t really stick. I hope they convince me with their second album. When you listen to this album, I recommend you to check out the leads, which is an asset for this album. (Ricardo)