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Thecodontion – Thecodontia [Demo]

thecodontion – thecodontia [demo]

I don`t know a lot of bands in metal without guitars, especially when they play some extreme War Metal sound like the Italians from Thecodontion do, which is somehow a refreshing thing to my ears. The bass sound is distorted and rumbles with cave like darkness into the space. The drums are pushing hard, more on the fast side of the spectrum. The vocals are offering a counterpart to the bass, which results in some higher shrieks in most of the parts. Some Blasphemy like solos can`t be missed as well groovy lines that turn into head banging moments. Sometimes the sound reminds me of some Macabre eruption, in a more primitive approach. This is pure straightforward Black Metal of death with some cool and innovative things which hopefully will develop even more in the future to make the sound stand out a bit more. Cool demo. (DPF)