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Eggs Of Gomorrh – Rot Prophet [Re-release]

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Bölzer, Deathcult, Antiversum,. Nihilo, Defaced and many other Swiss extreme metal bands are causing some serious neck problems the last years. Now be prepared for the most nuclear striking artillery the country ever spawned. Eggs Of Gomorrh, founded in 2008, ready to make you bleed, suffer, burn, until you beg for absolution. This album with the clear title “Rot Prophet“ destroys everything on it`s path. The production is raw, mastered by non-other than Vassafor`s VK, shows clearly that this album is not for the posers out there. And the songs are neither. This 4 piece made their home studies very well (Black Witchery, Bestial Warlust, Blasphemy, Bestial Raids to name a few references) and unleash some of the most furious black(/death) metal I have ever experienced. Terrifying vocal performance, blasting thunder behind the kit, raging chaos on the strings, everything you desire and even more. Get this or die trying. (DPF)