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Resurgency – False Enlightenment

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Hellthrasher Productions are having a good 2012, if you ask me. Releasing good albums from underground bands like Escarnium, Decaying, Ectovoid and this time it’s Greek Resurgency that enlightens me with some good Old School Death Metal. This album is filled with references towards the 1990’s Dutch and American scene. For example the song “Ending the Beginning” and the title track has a huge Brutality riff in it during their “Screaming for Anguish” days. With the first solo of “Hideous Premonition” the band is guilty as charged for the James Murphy influence during Obituary’s “Cause of Death” album. And just listen to the opening riff of “Where Despair Dominates”…oh yes, Gorefest during the “Mindloss” days with their “Confessions of a Serial Killer” riff. Before you run to the dictionary to check if Resurgency is a synonym for cheap-ass rip-off, I can assure you that it is all played so full-hearted, that you rather think “….hey…nice!” than “well, that is just plain Gorefest”. Resurgency has delivered an interesting album filled with mind sticking riffs, a haunting atmosphere, good solos and combining certain Old School Death Metal scenes which makes “False Enlightenment” a tempting whole. You can’t go wrong with this one. (Ricardo)