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Bloodphemy – In Cold Blood

bloodphemy – in cold blood

Call me impressed. I have heard of this band for quite some time but never actually heard their music. Im glad I got the chance to listen to this awesome album. Old-school Death Metal done very well with pitch perfect production. There is nothing flashy about this album at all, but it doesn’t need it, as the riffs and grooves are executed so well.

The beginning of the third track called “Bloodline” is Death Metal perfection. The whole album pays homage to their love for pure old-school death metal Vocal performances are vital for me in liking or hating an album. Olivier does an outstanding job of very deep vocals but still understandable. There is nothing worse for me to put on a new album and the music is perfect and the vocals are sub-par. This is not the case here. The vocal performance fits the whole album graciously.

I think a lot of old-school death metal bands can learn a thing or two from these guys as they combine the heyday of death metal with a modern twist.  Excellent evil melodies while still staying at a mellow pace instead of relying on blast beats for the sake of being brutal. A lot of bands in this style would purposefully use the chainsaw guitar tone, but not them. They have the style of which that guitar tone would work well, but the American guitar tone makes this album different.

This album is really heavy and would be an absolute dream seeing live. This album is a day-one purchase for me. Old-school death metal at its finest. (Pazuzu)