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Meadows End – The Grand Antiquation

meadows end – the grand antiquation

Meadows End has now been around for two decades. “The Grand Antiquation” is their fourth full-length album which shows that they have been gathered a lot of experience during that time. The album delivers a seriously satisfying dose of melodic Death Metal with a very powerful symphonic side. The impactful style makes it very easy to get into. A good amount of hooks and catchy elements keeps the album fresh and authentic. There is a surprising high level of groove that quickly gets your head moving. Listening to the album makes a lot of fun and there are a lot of moments where you can just think “fuck this is metal”.

The vocal performance is very well arranged. Some growls definitely reminds me of Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis and Riley McShane of Allegaeon. The great volume of the vocals brings even more power to the songs. The orchestral parts are very well placed and connected. They blend perfect in the metal backbone. The angel choirs and the clear vocal part make the songs very cinematic. Keyboards and lead guitars work perfect together.

After listening a few times to this album, I have no explanation why Meadows End remains an “unknown band”. For me they are as enjoyable as Amorphis, Amon Amarth or Dark Tranquility. Meadows End put melodic Death Metal to the next level. In my opinion a very high level. They definitely deserve your attention. (HaCeBo)