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Bloodphemy – Dawn of Malevolence

bloodphemy – dawn of malevolence


Bloodphemy originally began their Death Metal campaign in 2000 and have an EP and five full length albums to date. Their latest release ‘Dawn of Malevolence’ takes us into some heavy, dark and brutal territory from this Dutch Death Metal band with an old school flavour.

Crunchy and beefy guitar tones rule here with hard hitting and heavy hooks while pounding drums just drive you straight into the earth. Moments of speed and brutality erupt, giving you the feeling like you are driving as a madman into the peak of the apocalypse with burning fires everywhere while accompanied by screams of terror and fear throughout. This powerful song structure that is presented here takes the listener right into the middle of some dark tale while being immersed into scenes of rage and despair.

When the smoke has cleared, then arrives moments of an obscure-like darkness where haunting melodies ring out making one feel your throat is about to be cut as melancholy leads bring out a very grim atmosphere. It’s the feeling where the end is now near and you are in that horrid situation where there is no escape. It shows an element where Death Metal and a gloomy darkness meet to create a defining mood. Reinforcing this, the vocals sometimes vary with higher shrilling screams which add to the feeling of terror straight out of some morbid asylum. Where normally, a lower guttural vocal growl can be heard for the most part throughout the songs within this album.

The things that are certain here with ‘Dawn of Malevolence’ is that it never lacks heaviness and creates an ongoing mood bringing you into varied paths of a dark twisted story. Whether all accentuates musically into brutal pounding violence or it eerily descends into a dark abyss, you are definitely shown the different doors to malevolence and how you will reach them.