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Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony

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Formed way back in 2007, Sweden’s Hyperion released their first full length almost ten years later (2016’s “Seraphical Euphony” on Black Lion Productions), six years after their first official recordings: a three-track live album (“Live på Kylengalan”) and a demo (“Blood of the Ancients”).The six-piece band took their time to write and record (the album was recorded between 2013 and 2015 in Scarecrow Recordings, Forlorn Halls Studios and on various private locations in Stockholm, Sweden) a great black/death album with a lot of passages reminding us of the early Children of Bodom period and Dissection. Melodic and fast as hell (with several slow and acoustic moments), the 9-track album has an astonishing level of quality all over the place and the band is never ashamed of showcasing their musical skills, putting us back into the mid-1990s Scandinavian melodic Black/Death scene. The only flaw? Well, the production could be better and the album deserved a lot better sound! Something they need to take care of for their next effort. Artwork for the front and back-cover of this album was drawn by Alex Tartsus and the band logo is another perfect example of how great the work of the “Lord of the Logos” (Christophe Szpajdel) is. (Antonio)