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Mist of Misery – Shackles of Life [EP]

mist of misery – shackles of life [ep]

Emerging from Stockholm, Sweden, Mist of Misery continue their symphonic/DSBM path, with their 2nd EP “Shackles of Life”. With an intro that opens with a low-key depressive piano, while waking the nightmare of shrieks of ‘shining’ & melodic atmospheric riffs (early Burzum) and blastbeats, keyboard inserts & symphonic elements of Dimmu Borgir. Within their music, are additional cold clean male (spoken) vocals while embracing the full classical & depressive music/theme.

For me, picking a track that standouts the most, was the hardest task, for each track/music are beautifully written. Out of the seven tracks on the EP, there are three tracks ( “Placid Drowning”, “A Dreamless Void (Euthanasia Part 2)” & “Opening Chapter to a Solitary Confinement”) that are instrumental, these are pure classical theme tracks, that are haunting, but calm & enchanted, sending the listener to a deep trance of relaxation and chills down one’s spine. It is important to note, that the track “Dagonis” from the fiction works of ‘H.P. Lovecraft’ which within his work, was about horror, nightmares and other Gothic tales, giving the EP a whole new direction of depressive (but in some one’s realm of their own nightmares & horror).

Looking at the artwork it does give you the impression of someone one’s epic horror/nightmares…The outro lasting only fewer 3mins ends the EP with a cold, depressive piano instrumental & spoken word, someone saying his last goodbyes, indicating a continuation of a vortex of nightmares to come, (KristianM)