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Wormlight – Wrath of the Wilds

wormlight – wrath of the wilds

The combination of Melodic Black Metal (or Blackened Death Metal…always a discussion for some as there is a thin line between them) and Sweden has always been in good one in the 1990s, as that era produced some fine classics along the way. Wormlight certainly picks out a thing or two of that period of time, especially when you hear a track like “The Ghostlight’s Dance” or “On Tattered Wings”. A mix of Dissection, Unanimated’s “In the Light of Darkness” and late Naglfar will reach your debauched ears, although they will not reach the level of those bands.

Still, this is absolutely an album you have to check out if you’re into the style and bands I mentioned. Although they aren’t the best of the best, they still manage to create a fine album that will be highly enjoyable for the Melodic Black/Death Metal fans out there. (Ricardo)