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Black Therapy – Echoes of Dying Memories

black therapy – echoes of dying memories


Ah, Sunday mornings, they can either be the best time of the week ,or just the worst if you’ve had a shitty work week or massively hung over from the previous night. If it’s the later and you’re feeling a bit melancholic about love and life in general, then you probably need get some Black Therapy in your ears to chase that all away. Their album “Echoes of Dying Memories” will provide a beautiful accompaniment to your hazy morning.

Don’t expect to be blasted away by this album because it’s not full on party type album but settle back and enjoy this beautifully composed, melodic and at times haunting album that brings with it shades of atmospheric black and grey with flashes of colour that this 9 x track album has in spades.

The title track “Echoes of Dying Memories” is a classic example of what I’m trying to explain. The screeching, and at times poignant vocals, provide the dark segments to this track and then the awesome lead and guitar work provide the colour. Although “Dreaming” is a bit more up tempo, it still has harmonious vocals and this, combined with brilliant melodic guitar work and majestic blast beats, provide a callous track that accomplishes all the pre requisites of MDM. The excellent musicianship that has been honed by these guys is really brought to the forefront with the piano piece that starts “The Winter of your Suffering”. This is beautifully crafted and brings with it the sadness and haunting that I mentioned previously. After this start, the colour is again brought by the shrieking vocals, rhythmic guitar riffs and thumping blast beats.

“Ruins” ends this body of work and the use of some clean singing shows the versatility of the vocalist in the use of different tones to help generate emotion. This combined with hypnotic drums beats and pulsing guitar riffs proves that Black Therapy really are masters of the Melodic Death genre.

I found “Echoes of Dying Memories” to be mostly a melancholic album but there are plenty of uplifting, epic and brutal pieces to help chase the desolation away and although I’m not really an MDM devotee, I absolutely did like this album and recommend it wholeheartedly for lovers of this genre. (Longstretch)

Black Therapy

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