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Murdryck – Antologi MMXV

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17 years after their inception Murdryck return with their second full length . Times have changed, so the band who started as a dark ambient project and recently changed into a more guitar oriented beast of melodic or „semi-melodic“ how the band describes them self. The album starts with a good atmospheric intro leading the path for the maelstrom to come. Blast beats, up tempo, slower rock kind of headbanging parts which brings me Dark Funeral to mind(Where shadows forever reign, their latest output). Dark Funeral is often a band I am thinking of when listening to Murdryck. Ragnarok is another influence they might have in the guitar-departement. You will find some acoustic parts as well on the album which only helps the album to be interesting, something that goes out to the guitar leads as well. In terms of rhythm they even incorporate modern metal parts without sounding „crap core like“. Drums and bass do a really good job on this one. Not more not less. On the vocal side of life I think that the performance and the voice in general fits the band’s music, but does not stand out as the next Attila Csihar or the likes. But still really good. The guitars and the songwriting are the really strong points to me on this record. Great melodies without being annoying or sounding to much like copycats. I would say another album to put on your list If you are a fan of Dark Funeral, Ragnarok, Dissection, and the likes. Good job guys, keep it that way. (DPF)