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Mordenial – The Plague

mordenial – the plague

Once started as a project, seems now the be a 3-member band which all have Rogga Johansson as main connection. Or better yet, played (or playing) in bands or projects Rogga is or was member of at one time. Be it Paganizer, Carve, Sinners Burn or Ribspreader. What you will hear on “The Plague” is mid-tempo Melodic Death Metal. And I would be selling shite for pure gold if I say to you that Mordenial did a killer job on this one. The riffs, songs…well, basically everything is quite on the safe side, boring even. Believe me I was and still am a sucker of the old Gothenburg sound, but there are so many better releases in the 1990s, and I even mean the releases that are underneath the classicks. Sorry guys, but this is just been done better years ago. So much better. (Ricardo)