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Disabuse – Death Machines

disabuse – death machines

Disabuse new album titled “Death Machines” brings out the hard and groove laden melodies that unlike most bands who play that Hardcore Crossover Thrash do.  This Netherlands based band take the infusion of punk driven Hardcore and blend and brew it with the aggression and speed of Thrash. I can only say they have an interesting style. Brings into mind bands like Slapdash, Discharge, D.R.I., Birth A.D., Intoxicated,  Meanwhile, Sacred Reich, Motörhead, G.I.S.M., M.O.D. S.O.D. , Weekend Nachos, Varukers, Disfear, The Crucified and Toxic Holocaust.

Totally insane material but catchy and impressive. I have always been a fan and dig the Thrash metal cross over. There has always been some bad ass killer bands that do this. I do like these guys and consider them worthwhile. Definitely listen to them! (Kenneth Necroholocausto Asker)