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Bullcreek – Osschaert

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Some of you will probably remember the debut album of Burial from The Netherlands, as “Relinquished Souls” was and still is a fine Death Metal album. It can be described as an album between Death’s “Spiritual Healing” and “Leprosy” with Massacre “From Beyond” influences. An album that shouldn’t be a dust collector on your shelves. Members of the same Burial started Bullcreek back in 2011, which consists of (ex-)members of Mindlink, Mordancy (both in the Thrash genre) and Gotmoor (a Black Metal band from Belgium, with a vocalist who has the pseudonym “D’n Osschaert”). While Bullcreek thanks its name because of a lake in their neighborhood, “Osschaert” is a myth of a water demon of that same lake and the main character of the lyrical concept. Bullcreek itself doesn’t play anything like the bands I mentioned before. It has a more doomy atmosphere, pace changes and has the roots in the mid- and late 1990s Doom/Death Metal style. A style you don’t hear that much anymore, therefore “Osschaert” is a pleasant surprise between all the Old School Death Metal violence. But it is not entirely slow or mid-tempo Doom/Death as there is room for some nice leads and up-tempo riffs as well. If you like ‘The Fourth Dimension” of Hyporcrisy, Callenish Circle’s demo “Lovelorn” as well as the debut “Drift of Empathy”, throw in some stretched ideas of Arcane Sun and Gorefest’s “Soul Survivor” vibes here and there (“Bullhead” for example”) and you get an album you won’t hear every day. Bullcreek didn’t create an album that is the best thing after sliced bread, but without doubt a very pleasant listen for sure. (Ricardo)