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Miscarriage – Imminent Horror

miscarriage – imminent horror

Horror based names and stories are nothing new in metal, especially extreme genres, yet horror crawling deep into your mind is difficult to achieve. Maybe because metal fans are used to it and many of them are looking for stuff that will scare the shit out of them. That’s where a duo from United States and Sweden, named Miscarriage, comes in.

In most cases they have been dubbed as a Death Metal band, but this genre has been abused too many times to just fall for it. Sure, this hard-to-identify-music  is violent, relentless and intense, but it is all done to the point of absurdity and without any self control. While speed is said to be one of the main characteristics of Death Metal, the speed on this album is just right for crawling into your mind and give you scary hallucinations. And from under all that chaos, comes a cavernous voice, making the whole atmosphere of the album even more horrifying and unsettling. The final product is so disgusting it will make it to the top three releases at the end of the year, trust me.

This is their third release (they have released “Disposed Abomination” album and a compilation “Homicidal Mania Trilogy” – if you get the chance, listen to those to see how much they have evolved in the short amount of time they have been active) and I’m scared to think how much more they’ll be able to push their sound forward towards something truly magnificent they have started. And at the same time, I’m really excited for it. (Black Mary)