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Abduction – Black Blood

abduction – black blood


UK based Black Metal band Abduction built a great deal of buzz and suspense for their new album through a very well thought out and shot video for their new song ‘Kernos Crown’. This track also opens ‘Black Blood’, the brand new album from the Derby band, their fourth full length release in total, and their first with legendary label Candlelight Records who have put the album out on both CD and LP.

Melodic and ambient this is not! This album feels primal; a roaring visceral slab of high energy ravenous Black Metal that deals in degrees of barbarity to give it variance. The vocal work on display is of particular interest as it slithers and oozes throughout this opus, ranging from serpentine malice, through raw abrasive shrieks and roars, and finally a more clean and haunting style. Not to mentioned the oft heard wailing and crying sounding out of the gloom, giving things are an air of pure desperation.

Next up are the riffs. They stay with you, that’s for sure. In fact the guitar work as a whole is spectacular throughout the album and at regular intervals the steel fused guitar rhythms ring out bleakly whilst the ice cold riffs ensnare and cajole the senses. I’d describe the drumming display as a mixture of grandiose, suspenseful and bombastic; supremely executed no matter what the track calls for. As for the bass play, thunderously heavy throughout whilst adding just a touch of groove in all the right places.

All of the above is all very well, but its the songcraft that makes ‘Black Blood’ the epic sounding feast of raging Black Metal that it is. Not content to simply plough through six songs of hyper-aggressive blast beating fury, Abduction focus on track length and how they can fill each moment with various forms of dark, thought provoking material. Take the eleven minute long ‘Plutonian Gate’ as a classic example; a track where the band have time and space to explore their more atmospheric thought processes whilst still maintaining a high degree of marauding savagery.

‘Black Blood’ is a highly intelligent and flowing album that achieves a vast amount of mood and atmosphere through grinding fury and raging riffs, whilst also maintaining a cold, frost covered feel. A very engaging and ultimately enjoyable opus!