Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Vegard – Demo II [Demo]

vegard – demo ii [demo]

2018 was the year of formation. Grond and Count Vornok, the ones behind the creation, have assembled an entity that exists in between two worlds: the Raw side of Black Metal and the more Dungeon Synth / Symphonic / Atmospheric one. Symphonic might sound a bit far from the truth, which I completely accept and understand. One does not think of landscapes when listening to such sounds, one does not that think of a starry sky nor a bright Moon, but this is the image I created for Vegard and their sound. Wrong I be? I might…

A strangely sweet and mellow melody kicks off Vegard’s 2020 Demo. You get the honour of being offered a short guitar solo, which fits quite well, oddly. But onward, my friends. Raw Black Metal with that atmospheric side to it. It almost crosses the line into the realms of Symphonic. Well, not Symphonic per se, but intense atmospheric moments. It reminds me of Bal Sagoth. Literally Bal Sagoth? No. The imaginary in which the band’s fantastic landscapes live, accompanied by aggressive and icy melodies nearby. The perfect setting. It lives within the spectre of the rawest of Black Metal, being that the true basis of the band’s music. But, like some acts in recent times – 2020 has been an amazing year – there is the addition of the aforementioned elements, crafting this oh so special and different sound. British sceneries are painted in this virgin canvas, leaving the listener in awe at the colours and scents they emanate. Could it be a specificity of the British sound? A talent that sees its “physical” existence portrayed in the shape of Music? It is a question that will linger, yes it will. “Winter Visions” puts an end to this work, the best way possible. Leaving the Raw Black Metal sound, and drifting away into more starry lanes, Vegard gives us an intense recollection of tracks that will make you fly off into the void. (DanielP)