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Mist of Misery – Fields of Isolation [EP]

mist of misery – fields of isolation [ep]

“Fields of Isolation” is the continuation of their (or someone’ s) nightmareish journey though hell and terror saga. A band that carries the symphonic Black Metal banner, but more of aBaroque/classical music mixed with the aggressive of depressive Black Metal, giving it a classical, cold, morbid, sad yet brutal black metal feel, but enjoyable to listen to, with warm atmospheric melodic riffs/solos, shrieking ‘Shinning’ vocals, tempo-shifting from mid-paced to blast beats with ease…An EP that is moving, sad and unique.

Also noted that within this EP, “Shackles of Life”, Mist of Misery are not just influenced by depressing, morbid, terror and world of nightmares, but also piano instrumental parts (somewhat alike symphony nine) and the early days of Burzum, Mayhem and (maybe?) Emperor and works of H.P. Lovecraft. Even the artwork as that Lovecraftian theme, the demented, tormented or even your soul is trapped within other realm or world. (KristianM)