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Those Who Bring The Torture – Pain Offerings

those who bring the torture – pain offerings


One could quite easily start and end this review with one name, that being Rogga Johansson. A lot of you would have a fair idea of what you are in for after hearing the name of surely the most prolific man in metal that the world has ever seen. I asked the question in a different review of one of his bands once (Down Among the Dead Men) as to whether or not he ever actually even got to go to the toilet every now and then. I am still awaiting a decent answer. Deep questions like that are for another time, let us now examine one of his latest efforts, that being this one right here.

Rogga handles the vocal duties and guitars as is quite normal for him (he often also does bass duties, not sure if he does in this one as you will see), and is joined by Brynjar Helgetun on drums and Dennis Blomberg on lead Guitar and possibly also bass, It’s hard to tell because trying to find any info about this apart from what’s on ye olde Encyclopedia Metallum. Rather frustrating to say the least when you can’t get decent information about a band that should have a higher profile by rote of the stature of such an artist, but so be it. That’s what we have.

what do we have before us! Well, it’s Death Metal for sure. Opener “The Hangman and The Hanged” brings some damn fine riffs and the sound of a man that is mighty annoyed about something, and all the usual Death Metal tropes apply, with equal amounts of pounding drums and thudding bass, so far so good. Bring on “Another Victim Of Insanity” and the pace picks up a tad. Head swinging toe tapping brutal stuff at it’s finest, and on we go. “Reality – Worst Show Ever” again opens with the fine chugging riffs, the deepest of growls, and then decides to get your body moving via some excellent drumming, and did I mention some of the melodies on display here? Well I just did. So there. Great stuff.

Not going to bother going on in order with the rest of the tracks, sheerly for the purpose that this review is not a fucking Tolstoy novel, nor anything that Tolkien may have written. Pretty much the rest of the album stays on the same track. Solid, quality Death Metal for sure, and as stated, if you are a fan then buying this will be a no brainer. Title track “Pain Offerings” is well worth a good blast, “Onwards to Termination” gives you a nice big kick in the sack after a bit of twiddly diddly guitar work, and closer “Interlude Before The End” slows things down immensely with a bit of atmosphere and orchestration, and then it’s all over red rover.

Death Metal done well, quite enjoyable really, but nothing that is going to break any moulds for certain. Highly recommended if you are a fan, as am I, but don’t expect anything revolutionary, just expect a damn solid boot to the rear end… (Andrew)

Those Who Bring The Torture

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