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Necrogod – The Inexorable Death Reign [EP]

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Necrogod is not just another side project on the underground scene. You don’t even have to listen to a single song to know that greatness and quality HAS to be there, when you realize that this band has two heavyweight underground musicians in it: Sweden’s Rogga Johansson (it’s very hard to find someone with more experience than him. On his CV you can find several great bands like Down Among the Dead Men, Echelon, Paganizer, Putrevore, Revolting and The Grotesquery, just to name a few) and Ronald “The Master Butcher” Jimenez from Costa Rica (does Insepulto, From Oblivion, Gólgota or Mummified ring a bell?). This project started when both musicians initially contacted each other and recorded the song “Skull Crushing Death” together. In just three months, they had a band name and a deal with the record label “Iron, Blood & Death Corp.” to release this EP. This a-little-over-20-minutes debut release has five full songs (and an intro), enough to clearly demonstrate this is not “just another side project”. The quality is all over the place, with Rogga taking care of all guitars, bass and drum programming, while Master Butcher delivers us the most brutal vocals you could hope for in a release like this. So, if you’re a fan of anything these two were (and/or still are) a part of, make sure you add this to your list of I-have-to-hear-this records. You won’t be disappointed. (Antonio)