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Diabhal – M M X X

diabhal – m m x x

Death Metal certainly has his changes through history, doesn’t matter if we talk about production, level of brutality or certain techniques that are inseparable with a certain period of time.

Diabhal from New York plays straightforward Death Metal, in the 90s style with resembles to Baphomet “The Dead Shall Inherit”. A bit brutal, a bit of groove and low guttural vocals. It doesn’t sound trendy and it is in the spirit of Baphomet indeed, I give them credits to that, but I have to say it doesn’t grab me as much as the aforementioned fine album of the early 90s.

Wby? Is the moment of time? Is it the song writing? Is it the production. Is it all of the above? I can’t lay my finger on it and although I enjoy the 90s approach and connections, the impact isn’t there for me. Maybe next time. (Ricardo)