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Bloodlust [COL] – Blackmass

bloodlust [col] – blackmass


A search for ‘Bloodlust’ results in 12 entries under the exact same name. Taking a look at the album and song titles is a pretty good indication that originality is definitely not very high on the priority list of these guys. This Bloodlust hails from Colombia, and they play a combination of Speed and Thrash Metal.

The latin american gentlemen display some decent musicianship, and in all honesty, some pretty catchy songwriting. Visions of battle jackets, high top white sneakers, bad haircuts and stud bracelets come to mind immediately. An ideal soundtrack for one hell of a drinking metal party, with canned lager and cheap snacks. As said before, the most conspicuous problem I have with this album, is that there is not an original note on the entire album. The vocals, riffs, production… it all sounds like there is a handbook for Speed Metal somewhere and these guys got their theory down to perfection.

I’m definitely not saying a band has to be as original as possible, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an homage to the heroes of yesteryears. But in the case of Bloodlust, it’s all just a tad too generic to separate the band from the literally thousands of other bands who have done this. Sometimes better, sometimes far worse. Another small point of critique I have is that as a whole, things are just a little too neat and slick for me. For some bands a clean production like this works, but in this case I’m missing a bit of the South American madness… adding a dash of pure chaos and insanity would be a big plus for me.

The highlights are definitely the proficient musicianship (some very good solos and tight drumming) and the frenetic vocals, think of Dead Head’s Tom van Dijk for reference. Decent attempt, but no obligatory material. (Stijn)

Bloodlust [COL]

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