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Malichor – Nightmares & Abominations

malichor – nightmares & abominations

Hailing from Australia (a definite extreme metal hotbed…so much good music hailing from Oz these days), Malichor play a ripping style of Thrash with Black Metal elements, as opposed to the filth of the Black/Thrash genre. Featuring layers of of riffs handled by the dynamic duo of A. Abominatus and B. Exhumus, the quintet never lets up on the gas pedal. The thundering bass work of I. Murderoth is underpinned by the gatling gun blasting of R. Morturus on the drum kit. To round out the maniacal attack, D. Defiler spews venom into the microphone with the malice of someone used to doing battle with dinner plate sized spiders. We are in a retro-thrash renaissance right now in the metal scene, whose flip side is that the world of metal is flooded with subpar rip offs. Malichor stands tall amongst the crowd with their well placed blackening, particularly in the vocal style and the placement of tremolo riffs amongst their thrashier cousins. The effect is one total, immersive relentlessness. This is workout music when you’re preparing for the big fight. This is music for standing tall in the back alleys of grimy cities. This is music for the revelation of the darkness within. (Hayduke X)