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Grandeur – Aurea Aetas [EP]

grandeur – aurea aetas [ep]


It isn’t hard to see why the four track debut EP entitled ‘Aurea Aetas’ by Austrian soloist Erech and his Grandeur project has been re-released so many times int he last two years, and across all formats also! Halo of Flies got the ball rolling with a cassette release, followed by another cassette offering from Worship the Void Records and a CD release by Personal Records. And then as last year descended into darkness, underground heavyweights Northern Silence Productions came in with a vinyl version. Having listened this EP a few times now I can’t say I blame any of them, for Erech is a talented individual. (And you can read my review of his new compilation release from his Carathis project on this very site)

Opening with some moody Dark Ambient, ‘I: Acatalepsia’ broadens into a raging torrent frenetic blast beats and orthodox guitar leads fronted by a strained, somewhat abrasive vocal style and with an undercurrent that combines the groove of magnificently prominent bass play with soaring, windswept guitar rhythms. All of this is then interspersed by engaging bleak melodies from the guitars and a noticeably catchy flowing style that once more makes way for the previous urgent clamour. Track number two ‘II: Exordium’ opens with some engrossing tremolo picking and a surging drum beat/guitar lead combination that will keep your attention hooked, before breaking down into more brutality from the previous track and leads firmly into ‘III: Ultimum’ which has some of the EP’s most technical passages but also expands an already large soundscape even further.

The EP closes with the title track which signs things off in a marauding, ravenous fashion, and brings to a close a very enjoyable mixture of savage Black Metal and melodic meandering. Again, I can see why so many labels have invested in this EP.


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