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Decline of the I – Escape

decline of the i – escape

With their influences ranging from industrial, trough electronic, to orchestral, the French Experimental Black Metal band Decline of the I pursues a conceptual trilogy based on experiments and brain studies of Henri Laborit, often referencing agression. Each of the three albums is thus a specific part tied to the same concept. It’s not just the music: their lyrics also carry hidden messages, therefore playing an important factor in shaping of this art.

The album that put an end to the trilogy, „Escape”, was released 2018 (after 6 years of work on the albums altogether!). The whole thing is, unfortunately, not as hyped up among the audience as it should in my opinion be. First of all, this stuff is… Weird. Good weird. Weirldly melodic when it logically shouldn’t be – a fluid mix of the dissonant and  the consonant.

Very strong in expression, „Escape” delivers an entire storm of inner ongoings so dynamic and interesting yet eerily unfriendly, manic, anxious. If you have listened to all of their work, you’ll notice this one is more detailed and grown. Speaking of which, the effects are also very important here, and spoken parts are in my impression so painful that they would, if we could measure the level of emotion, beat a scream or a cry.

If you’re looking to get into Decline of the I, I reccomend taking up a few hours to do the entire discography in one sitting. Still, be prepared to take breaks because this stuff is tiringly heavy – in a good way, of course. But if that’s not your cup of tea, each part can be listened to individually. Either way, embrace this and enjoy it. (Lana)