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Temple of Baal – Lightslaying Rituals

temple of baal – lightslaying rituals


Well, here we have the newest Temple of Baal full length album named “Lightslaying Rituals” brought courtesy of whom else if not Agonia Records in Poland. For those of you that have not listened this killer band, let me tell you that this is their 3rd album so far, they have on their back 4 split Cds and 3 demos, so we are in presence of an experienced band that know pretty well their business, and their business is nothing but crude straight to the point Black metal with some death metal concepts, like some really heavy slow parts and the voices that in general are not in the high tone of blackish acts.

Conceptually we can say that Temple of Baal deals with satanic evil stuff, which I consider very appropriate to their music because both elements make a perfect fit. Song titles such as “Blessings of Blackfire” or “Black Sun of the Damned” are clear and explicit examples of what I mean. I always like to establish some parameters to give a better idea of how a band sounds like, in this the first thing that comes to my mind is a mixture of 1st Impaled Nazarene album with death metal concepts, and better production of course, because this is also remarkable, the sound on this “Lightslying Rituals” flawless, the stuff is pretty heavy, fast, crude, but you never miss out what’s going on.

In general, 9 songs, over 40 minutes of excellent French black/death metal played without any comprffomise, not pretentious just simply evil. If you haven’t heard of these dudes, you better wake up because you’re owing it you, this is 100% guaranteed to become one of your favorite records in your collection,…now if you are more into the depressive ‘wanna cry’ Emo type of things with boring predictable keyboards and female vocals, ehmm…stay away from this, this is simply toocc much evilness destined for few ones and not for a trend. (Master Butcher)

Temple of Baal

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