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Visceral Disgorge – Slithering Evisceration

visceral disgorge – slithering evisceration


From the very beginning of this record, “Slithering Evisecration” is a relentless assault on your eardrums that will leave you battered and wanting more. These Brutal Death Metallers out of Baltimore MD, USA have done what I thought was not possible, drop an album that surpasses their now classic debut album “Ingesting Putridity”, but that is exactly what this band has done.

With some of the nastiest tones in Modern Brutal Death Metal, the guitars on this release (bass included) are among some of the best out there with their deep, dark, and well performed guitar lines packed full of killer slams and catchy as hell riffs. In order to get a grasp on what the guitars offer, simply check out the 2nd track on this one entitled “Fucked Into Oblivion”. This track quickly gives us a wide variety of guitar techniques and styles that set the tone for the rest of the album.

You get Intensely fast single note progressions, searing harmonic squeals and grinding slamming riffs. These insane guitars are backed up by severe punishment of the drum kit. The drums on “Slithering Evisecration” are performed with precision and add a pulverising foundation for this record that I personally see on several best of lists for this year. The vocals are equal to the rest of the mix in terms of aggression and execution. The deep and guttural vocals round of this record in true brutal fashion.

If you enjoyed their 1st album, I highly recommend you go and check this one out, as I feel that this records takes everything done right about the debut, and evolves it into one hell of a brutally charged album. Brutal perfection from start to finish! (Azag Galla)

Visceral Disgorge

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