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Demonical – Black Flesh Redemption [EP]

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Demonical (Martin Shulman on bass guitar, Sverker Widgren providing the esophageal rape and Johan Haglund on chainsaw) are another deranged Swedish slaughterhouse, and a band I’ve been a fan of for several years now. Since releasing their debut demo in 2006 entitled Bloodspell Divine, they are back with another monument of devastating buzzsaw death metal. Their new 4 song EP, Black Flesh Redemption, released this year on Agonia Records, is another example of why this band absolutely annihilates their competition, carpet bombing their way through any who might challenge their claim to the elite ranks of leviathan chainsaw death metal. Sporting that flesh shredding guitar tone I can’t seem to get enough of, they mix a bit of tremolo-picked melodies with darker, non melodic, chunky riffing for an extremely dark and vicious combination. These guys create a true wall off sound, actually more like a tidal wave, and don’t seem to be capable of doing anything unless it’s crushingly massive, catchy as cholera, and utterly ferocious. Guitars rage with satisfying and murderous glee, drums pound with relentless D-beat groove precision, and the vocals gore a hole through your chest, smiling a bloody, fanged grin while doing it. Production overall is clear, massive and satisfying, though the bass guitar is buried in the mix as one might expect. Frowny. Vocals are growled with hateful intent, as though Mr. Widgren knows where you live, and is planning to pay you and your family a visit late some evening. And his visit shan’t be kind. “Throne Of Perdition” is a highlight here, an absolutely crushing, doomy masterpiece of incredibly energizing, headbanging death metal. If this song doesn’t make you want to begin destroying your furniture, check your pulse and call an ambulance immediately. I recommend listening to Black Flesh Redemption in a vacant lot for the sake of preserving the value of your home. If you live in a shitty apartment with an asshole for a landlord, go nuts. Trust me, you won’t be able to help it anyway. If you’re a fanatic for well played and produced Swedish chainsaw metal, you will definitely not want to miss out on this stellar release from one of Sweden’s finest HM2 torch bearers. (D.L. Beaven)


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