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Armagedda – Ond Spiritism: Djæfvvlens Skalder Anno Serpenti MMIV

armagedda – ond spiritism: djæfvvlens skalder anno serpenti mmiv


Pretty fast after the release of “Only True Believers” we get this new Armagedda album called “Ond Spiritism”. People who read my previous articles on the band know that I always presented them as “the hope for black metal’s future”. Their debut album even got the number one in my yearlist of 2002. Their second opus “Only True Believers” was not as good as “The Final War Approaching” but was a good release nevertheless. The problem of “Only True Believers” was the somewhat more deathish sound and a set of riffs that were just a little inferior to what I’m used to from their side. So, I was really curious what this album would bring. But before the album got released, a somewhat strange message reached the press and let us know that the band was no longer going to record any new stuff.

“We do not perform Black Metal anymore, we do not want to be associated with the Black Metal scene of today nor yesteday. How peolpe see our tunes from the outside dosent matter, we are what we are and not what you think. We are not a Black Metal band anymore and we will never be again. Black Metal has been infected with unserious people who abuse it´s (un)holy essence and that is not what we stand for.”

Too bad, but we still got this new album “Ond Spiritism”. And that is everything but a bad last goodbye. And to start with the conclusion, this is equal to the best Armagedda material (which is the “Strength Through Torture” EP and the “Volkermord” demo). Balancing between mid paced and up tempo (never fast!) black metal on the unholy Darkthrone way. This is simply the best of thousands of black metal bands that worship Darkthrone, I could say it with another full page of words or just with this sentence. It is all equal. Shrill riffs with great and simple melodies, mostly mid-paced drums, high screams and above all the atmosphere. That was the thing that was missing on “Only True Believers”, black metal is always a matter of atmosphere. You should be able to feel the music crawling beneath the surface, beneath the skin. And these days in the always expanding black metal scene there are very few bands able to capture the true essence of evil. Armagedda fans know that they were never a band that got their kicks on blastfests, and in that respect not much has changed, but they got themselves enough space for some (semi) clean plucks. Amazing.

And for the real fans, watch out for the gatefold vinyl version too, and I guess there will be a picture disc version in some months too (like they did with the previous albums). And since this very week the eagerly awaited “In Blackest Ruin” 10″ EP has been released as well. Keep your eyes open for the last convulsions?

Agonia Records

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