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Uitzichtloos – Nevelmasker

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From my home country I introduce you Uitzichtloos (English for “viewless”, if you accept their own meaning of it), a depressive, atmospheric and bleak Black Metal band. When it comes to lyrical themes they would like to keep it close at home with local myths and surroundings, which is sung in their native language. Their darkened art is a mixture of the second wave of Nordic Black Metal as well as the Eastern scene, which could easily be described as the Slavonic scene (like Drudkh, check out “Penetrante Lijkenlucht”). During the title track you also hear a Bathory like solo, like on “Call from the Grave”. A raw and bleak production makes it “depressive” (along with the screams), but it’s absolutely not lo-fi or can be slabbed with the DSBM tag. Melancholic is maybe better. At the end I think they are not quite there yet, but I do like this full-length and consider Uitzichtloos a band to keep an eye on. (Ricardo)