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Corpus Christii – Palemoon

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Corpus Christii from Portugal have been around for 17 years and ‘PaleMoon’ is their seventh full length release. I have never heared of them before, shame on me. The band switched from label, leaving the mighty Candlelight Records for the more obscure Folter Records, from Germany. Folter Records usually don’t sign just any band, so my attention was drawn immediately. Corpus Christii plays black metal like you have heard a millions times before, but they do it very well, with Darkthrone and some early Marduk/Watain as biggest comparisons. Most songs are straight forward blast-beat focused, but the second part of ‘PaleMoon’ has some slower black n’roll parts, which do add some much needed diversity. The aggressive yet melodic riffing, a super-fast beast-like drummer, and finally some good raspy vocals: Yes, I do like this! The only really downside, the somewhat monotonous blast parts, has (unintentional, I guess…) been solved by clocking this album just under 40 minutes. (Marko)