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Panychida – Říruřec / Dreisessel [EP]

panychida – Říruřec / dreisessel [ep]


The release of the ‘Gabreta Aeterna’ album in 2020 marked the fifth full-length in the history of the Czech band Panychida. Having taken three to four years between each album so far, new material is possibly on the horizon in 2023, but as an appetizer for the fans, the band released an EP called ‘Říruřec / Dreisessel’ in August 2022.

On this EP the band presents us with three new tracks, a re-recording of the track ‘Prokletí Christlova dvora’ which was originally featured on the 2017 album ‘Haereticalia – The Night Battles’ as a bonus track, and a cover of the Impaled Nazarene song ‘Via Dolorosa’. The first track out of the new material, ‘Bouře Les Ničící’ leans slightly more to the Black Metal side of the Panychida sound, with a less melodic and Heavy Metal character and more of a bareboned Pagan Metal approach. This is followed by ‘Pustina’, which slowly incorporates a bit more Thrash Metal rhythms and features a slightly more technical and melodic approach. It feels as if the songs are meant to flow into each other and progress stylistically, and indeed the final new song ‘Dřevo Pánům Příjmem, Lidu Obživou’ is the most Heavy Metal based and melodic out of the three. As a whole though, these tracks feel a little bit more straightforward and heavier than the preceding album ‘Gabreta Aeterna’, but feel right in place in the overall Panychida sound.

The re-recording of ‘Prokletí Christlova Dvora’ doesn’t feel like a great departure from the original besides a slightly updated production, and thus fits well with the Pagan Metal of the band. It features highly melodic Heavy Metal with Thrash Metal chugging, highflying solos and adventurous bass play. And indeed, it’s slightly more melody-focussed than the new material on this EP, but feels like a logical song to follow up the three new tracks. Closing off the EP is a cover of the song ‘Via Dolorosa’, which was featured on Impaled Nazarene’s ‘Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace’ album. Considering that it is one of the more Thrashy and melodic tracks in the discography of the Finns, it’s actually a good fit with the sound of Panychida. The Czechs have even enhanced the song with the occasional short solo or modified riff, which works very well. A fitting homage!

With a cover, a re-recording and three new tracks ‘Říruřec / Dreisessel’ offers something old, something new and something borrowed for the fans of the band that are eagerly awaiting a new full-length. This EP will certainly appeal to those that appreciate Panychida’s brand of Pagan Metal.


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