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Evohé – Deus Sive Natura

evohé – deus sive natura

Evohé was founded in 2001 and “Deus Sive Natura” is their third release on which they stay true to their pagan way. In the last ten years it got a little bit quiet in the Pagan Black Metal scene which has certainly to do with the fact that the market has become oversaturated in the last years. As a matter of fact, highlights in this genre are very rare.

This album here is such a highlight. This French Black Metal band is one of the few real Pagan Black Metal bands that survived. Evohé also fit well in the French Black Metal scene, like Himinbjorg or Belenos, but with a huge pagan touch, especially lyric wise.

The nine songs are all built up with big, classic melodic tremolo riffs and the epic style of the production creates a perfect atmosphere. At any rate the clean-sung choral parts should remind the listeners of Bathory.

Overall, this is an enjoyable Black Metal album, although sometimes a riff here and there is played a little bit too often but that´s a matter of taste. (HaCeBo)