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Whiskey Ritual – Black Metal Ultras

whiskey ritual – black metal ultras

Italian Black ‘n Roll punks Whiskey Ritual stay on their satanic path with their fourth album “Black Metal Ultras” on Folter Records.

Listening to Whiskey Ritual is like chugging a fucking blender full of GG Allin, Mötorhead, Venom and Bathory chased with a healthy dose of Heavy Metal sleaze. Catchy punk rock songs played with metal speed and precision. Your neck will be snappin’ along with your fist in the air and a beer in the other. Chainsaw ripping rock ‘n roll riffs combined with the early punk influenced evil of Black Metal is a formula made in hell and Whiskey Ritual exploit it to full effect. They even got a Turbonegro cover on here.

If you get excited by the prospect of headbanging all night long and screaming along with the devil while chugging whiskey and beer then go grab a copy of “Black Metal Ultras” and rock till your dead. (Ted Gloom)